mini 99wh v mount battery

mini 99wh v mount battery
Rated Voltage:14.4V
D-TAP Output:14.4V 10A
USB-A Output:5V 2.1A(MAX.)
USB-C Output:Support PD2.0 and PD3.0/65W(Max.)
DC1 Output:12V 2A(Max.)
DC2 Output:8.4V 2A(Max.)


the mini 99wh v mount battery is our new product.The advantage of our 99W and 50W new battery models is that they have very low standby power consumption, only around 200 microamps. When fully charged under normal conditions, they can be stored for approximately 3 months. It’s recommended to cycle the battery through a charge and discharge process every 2 to 3 months to extend the battery’s lifespan. If left unused for an extended period without timely charging, the battery core’s electrolyte can be completely depleted, rendering it inactive.Also, it’s got a screen, two USB-C ports, a regular USB port, and a couple of DC ports up top. All those top ports can dish out power all at once. Let me show you how it works: When this battery nods off, just give the side button a tap, hook up your gadgets on both sides, and you’re good to rock and roll.Now, here’s the scoop: If the battery sits idle for 60 to 70 seconds, it’ll hit the snooze button and none of those top ports will juice up. You’ll need to nudge it awake by pressing that side button before you can start charging again. But if you plug in something within that 60 to 70 second window, you won’t need to wake it up—it’ll power up right away. And don’t sweat it if the screen takes a sec to catch up when you’re charging; it’s just part of the power-saving magic.Furthermore, there is an LED light on the back for illumination, which can be turned on by pressing and holding for 3 seconds. It will automatically turn off after one minute or can be turned off by pressing and holding for 3 seconds again. This battery also has a 1/4-inch thread on the bottom, allowing it to be used with tripod kits or any equipment with threaded holes.





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